Young Like

I was just taking one of my little walks around the third floor of the computer science building to stretch my legs. During these outings I like to scope out what is going on down in the atrium. If you have ever been in the building you know how open it is and how fascinating it is to just stare downstairs and watch people go about their lives.

So during my most recent vigil, I noticed a young couple on one of the couches. This isn’t uncommon as it seems this is the only place that isn’t Mom and Dad’s basement that these couples can grope each other. However this particular pair didn’t look exactly like boyfriend and girlfriend — but more like captor and hostage. The guy has the girl trapped on the couch with his arm in a position that looks like if it isn’t painful now he’ll regret it when he’s older. The girl looks entirely uneasy and the guy keeps kissing her shoulder. If the whole situation didn’t scream CS awkward I would assume that something nefarious was going on. :)

And now that I have that out of my system, I think I’ll meddle in my own business for a while.