About Me

A little bit about Colin Bate

Hi! I’m Colin.

Colin's headshot

I think if you want to find out about me, then this site is probably a good window. However, if you want to contact me or find me on the various platforms, you can head over to https://colin.is


As for the site itself, it is built using Astro and deployed to Netlify. You can think of this site as a time capsule. And also my midlife crisis project. :)

The font used on the site is Recursive and the design is created with Tailwind and is a modified version of the Tailwind UI Spotlight template.


Default article banner (for posts originally from colin.is) by David Becker on Unsplash

Fun Links banner by John Carlisle on Unsplash

Other banners from various sources as indicated.

The majority of photos and artwork/graphics are my own, but I’ve attempted to mention where this isn’t the case in captions, etc.