Nice Desks

Flexo Desk When I can afford it, my next desk might look something like this one here. If you have money to burn either personally or perhaps from some grant or other source of funding, then I suggest taking a look at BioMorph desks. They sell a number of ergonomic products, but their desks are truly interesting. Adjustability is a hot topic right now as people are starting to realize that one size can’t fit all with computers. While a number of their products are aimed at production and design professionals, their exo and x02 models are a bit more student/home office oriented.

Another collection of “unorthodox” furniture and devices can be found at the Workspheres exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. I stumbled across this yesterday when I was searching for information on the Netsurfer Classic — an ergonomic chair/workstation combination that apparently isn’t being sold anymore. It was manufactured by Snowcrash — a Swedish company that I can’t seem to find much information on.