Drive Thru

I’m really not a big fan of drive thrus. For the most part I don’t have a car available to me, so using the drive thru is not something that I have to deal with a lot, but I went to McDonalds last night and it was late and the main restaurant part was closed and I happened to be driving so I went through the drive thru. Now I should say that I’m not much of a take out person either. If I’ve gone to the trouble of walking somewhere to eat something then I am going to stay and eat — even if I am by myself. This sentiment obviously carries itself over to the drive thru concept as well. I would rather stay than take my meal home.

Eating “in” has several advantages in my opinion:

  • You actually speak with a person not a sign.
  • Often you have more forms of payment available to you inside.
  • Personally I like to take my time and look over my options before ordering — even if I know what I want and this is much easier inside.
  • They are less likely to stick you with cold fries or other sub-par food if you are going to stick around to complain about it.
  • Conversely if you do get sub-par food, you can complain and get free stuff.
  • Eating in the car is not an easy experience.
  • If you are taking it home it will likely be cold — especially in the winter.

So that is my case for not liking the drive thru.