Whoa... Just whoa.

I would like to apologize for the extremely long time since I last updated this page. I guess that I got caught up in the whole school starting thing and time just hit me like a ton of bricks — or whatever. Needless to say, the extended hiatus is now over and we can get back into the swing of things I hope. I am going to actually schedule time during the week, where I can actually sit down and work on updating my page. I used to do it at work, but now that isn’t possible.

imacAnother cool thing, is that I am typing this currently on a new iMac. No — unfortunately it is not my iMac, but merely one at the library. I thought I’d come over and check out the way it looked and what not. Unfortunately, it only has MacOS 9 installed on it. But I did get a bit of a chance to play with OS X just a few minutes ago. And in my opinion, I’d only get a Mac if it had OS X on it. Not that there is anything wrong with the computer that I am currently using, but OS X is definitely much cooler. Of course, I am still not in a financially sound enough position to actually warrent buying an iMac just yet, but I hopefully will be at some point.

I guess the whole back to school thing warrents some discussion as well. I definitely am enjoying my classes thus far and I certainly plan on continuing to enjoy them in the future. :) I do have an 8:30 class that is well… early… but I think it should be alright — C++ and that type of thing. I also have a back to back combination of Database Management systems and Computer Organization. Those are both pretty good, but the classes that I enjoy most (at this point) I would say are the Compiler Construction and Operating Systems class — which are coincidently both taught by the same professor. The fact that these two are my favorites intrigues me at this point — where I would normally consider myself to be an application man - into web design and other high level interface interests — here I am fascinated by the baseline details of software systems. I guess that is what university is for — discovering ones real desires — or something equally as cliche.

So I would again like to apologize for my past laziness and hope that you can regain your faith :)

Cheers, rhuvok

Written by Colin Bate