Let the Countdown Begin!

That’s right - it is getting very close to the return of the students to the great city of Halifax for another exciting term of University. [Queue the fanfare] I know that I for one, am getting pretty excited. Not about returning to Halifax obviously, but about all of my friends coming back. It also turns out that my cousin is starting university this year at Dalhousie. So this should be an altogether good term, not disturbed by… well… “disturbances”. And I am also looking forward to my classes believe it or not. Databases, operating systems, compilers - it should be a good term indeed.

The Hobuck

I guess someone must have thought that Ho Buck was a good name for it. :)

I think I now have all of my stuff down in my new apartment. Therefore my new apartment is a total mess. I have so much stuff that I don’t need but have a real hard time throwing out. I have made some progress on the weekend - I threw out an old pair of sneakers, and some old broken sandals. (Why did I keep them?… THEY WERE BROKEN!) And I mean, some of the stuff wouldn’t be so bad, if it weren’t randomly tossed in with other things. Old clothes will be donated to charity as I mentioned before - except for old t-shirts - they will be thrown out, because I don’t know if any of you have witnessed what happens to my shirts after a while, but needless to say, no one else would ever want to wear them. Then I have all of my posters which are starting to bore me - I mean, I don’t really need posters - but I have them so I will likely put them up - the cool ones anyway, like the ones with dragons and helicopters. The large Bagged? poster is technically Chris’ so that can go into his apartment.

My aunt and uncle from London, UK are in town visiting. On Saturday, we had quite the get together at my other aunt’s place here in Halifax. My guess is there were probably 40 people there throughout the evening. Soon after I got there, one of my uncles who had been in charge of BBQing had to leave and I somehow managed to be the one to take his place. So I spent the next three hours cooking burgers, hotdogs and chicken kebobs. Although I didn’t really get to mingle very much, I certainly had a good time. There were some relatives there that I hadn’t seen in over a year I’d say - some maybe longer. Good food, good friends, good times - I guess that sums it up. Now I have to see about organizing a BBQ for my friends some weekend, that would be the best way to do it. Hmmm… I’ll let you know what develops with that.

Not as much to report this time unfortunately. And I doubt that anything exciting will happen anytime this week, but we’ll see I suppose.

Cheers, rhuvok

Written by Colin Bate