One Good Turn...

Family Business

I played a board game the other day with Mark called Family Business. It is a simple game about mob families. Essentially, you have a mob - 9 cards which represent different people. Who those people are doesn’t matter at all, but they did go to the trouble of actually providing names for them. In addition to your mob, you have cards that allow you to perform certain actions - mob related actions of course. The idea is that there is a hit list and if you lay down a Contract card you can place one of your opponents mobsters on the hit list. If there are too many people on the list or someone lays down the appropriate card, a mob war starts, and people on the hit list start to die - one person each turn. And your goal is to be the last mob alive.

The game is pretty fun, but with only 2 players it is certainly lacking something. It supports up to 6 players and I think that when people are back we can have some cool multiplayer action going on. And remember guys, it’s not on the computer.

It seems that I haven’t been getting as much restful sleep as I would like. Each morning for the past few days, I have been really really tired when waking up. I seem to cope fine after my shower, but after being at work for 30 minutes I feel hopelessly tired again. Now I do have a couple of theories as to why this is.

  1. I am staying up too late. This could be, but I have been getting to sleep at a reasonably consistent time, so I’m not sure.
  2. The moving of my bed to have me sleeping in another orientation has thrown me off. This isn’t likely because I always change my room around as often as I can.
  3. My bed’s new position has me not getting a face full of sun in the morning as I did before, and this is affecting my waking. This would make sense to me. Normally the sun would shine in the window - through the cutain - and more or less bring me out of a deep sleep into a lighter, more alert sleep. Therefore, when my alarm would go off, it wasn’t pulling me out of a deep sleep. Of course, this sun issue, meant that I could not sleep in on the weekends because the sun would eventually wake me up - so we’ll see this weekend how well I can sleep and that should tell me.

We’re in our final week of business at work. There are only three nights of accommodations that we offer left, including tonight. Which means that as a reservation agent, my job is slowing down pretty well. I am still working next week to do some reports and other such business, but this is pretty much it. Of course I am working 8 hours a week during the fall too, but that is not the same.

I am definitely getting excited about school starting and all my friends moving back into the city. This summer really flew by. Four months of my life, gone like that. Of course I am still apprehensive about Co-op in the winter and the fact that I still am not sure what I want to do, but I have more ideas and contacts than some other people so I’m sure I’ll be fine.

That’s it for now folks!


Written by Colin Bate