Glengary Pub Crawls

Welcome to my temporary home of the Glengary Pub Crawl Enterprise. Chris and I, as the social reps of Glengary were/are charged with the task of organizing pub crawls and other activities to promote house spirit.

The Virgin Crawl

Date: Friday, September 27, 2002

Cost: $12


Pitchman's Pub    6:30 pm
Alehouse          7:30 pm
Split Crow        9:00 pm
Maxwell's Plum   10:00 pm
Pacifico         11:00 pm
Reflections       1:00 am

Deuces are Wild

Date: November 8, 2002

Cost: FREE!!


Alehouse          8:00 pm
Maxwell's Plum    9:00 pm
Pacifico         10:30 pm
Mercury          11:30 am
The Palace        1:30 am
Written by Colin Bate