Well, now look what you did

I clearly do not spend enough time outside on cloudless nights in early October at 3am. There are some seriously sexy constellations to be seen. Unfortunately it has been far too long since the days when I would lay outside in my backyard and seek out the stars, my astronomy book in hand. It glowed in the dark. So when I was confronted by Orion on my walk home from Shirreff Hall I was filled with a feeling of deep memories and the compelling desire to just lay down and fall asleep on the grass starring up into the sexy night sky. Other than Orion, the only constellation that I really recognized was Cygnus the Swan. On my way up campus much earlier, I noticed the big dipper which is my old friend because in the warmer times of the year, the big dipper is plainly visible during the reasonable times that people should be awake. Not the case for Orion, which is also easy to see, you have to wait until early morning. Needless to say I will be looking up my constellations as soon as I get my Internet back.

On that front I have some news as well. First thing is that Dalhousie and St. Marys both announced earlier today that school would be cancelled until Monday. This is great news to all of those intrepid first year students who are likely passed out from the effects of alcohol right now. Some of them are at home, some went home before they even heard the announcement about the closure. That being said, work should not be put off at the thought of a free week. There was something in the past like this, but we were out for much longer, and that was the strike. Four weeks we were out there, which gave birth to amoung other things, this website. And given the opportunity I would be making the most of this time off to get some changes made to some website or other. The no power thing kind of squeezed the juice out of that plan though. However, there is hope. First of all… South Street seems to have power now, while it didn’t around 9pm. Rumour has it that they have been turning on bits and bits of the grid on and testing the transformers - which has resulted in a tree catching fire. Fortunately the fire department was waiting right there. And most of the buildings on campus seem to have some sort of power flowing in them despite all of the residences being powerless. And as I walked by I saw a sign that said that faculty could get in to get their belongings. This intrigued me so I tried my card, and voila, the door opened. So early tomorrow I am going in there to get my sunglasses. I mean, tech support is like faculty. So basically this whole week off thing wouldn’t be so bad if I had power, which the CS building seem to be getting from somewhere - generator possibly.

Got a fair bit more reading done today and I’m happy about that. Spent most of the night playing a board game and I was able to score my meals at Howe Hall… that is my life and I hope that yours is getting back to normal. Cheers

Written by Colin Bate