PS: Enjoy

Day two and I am still without power. I think that it might even be another day or two before there is power in Glengary. I have heard that most of downtown now has power and I will be slinking off down there to score some food at some point. Food that doesn’t require heating that actually tastes good. I mean, I like crackers and all, but I have been eating them for a solid day now and I’m looking for a bit of a change. I am going to assume the worst for everything that is in my fridge at this point. I ate the rest of my processed sandwich meats yesterday and drank a few glasses of milk while it was still fairly cold, but as much as I like milk, I like it cold and three glasses of off-cold milk is all I can handle. Luckily I have a lot of juice and the water still works here, so I am doing ok for liquid refreshment. But it could be worse, they could make me evacuate. That happened to Fenwick Place - which I don’t blame anyone for, I wouldn’t have wanted to be in there. I heard that over 100 windows in Fenwick blew out during Juan’s stay there. And I’ve also heard now that they might have to move the girls from Shirreff to Howe, because they can’t have them stay without emergency services. That is, there are no more emergency lights, I’m not sure if their water is working, that kind of thing. And as much as I need electricity, I would much rather suffer through it in the comfort of my own apartment than be moved somewhere else.

In case, the fact wasn’t clear from my ranting thus far, Dalhousie closed again today. There isn’t much they can do about it, without power you can’t really run a university. As fun as school closures were in high school and earlier, now they are just a disturbance. OK, yes I got to sleep in yesterday and yes I might go back to bed today, but the fact is, I’d rather be getting paid to work than to sit here in the half-dark of my basement apartment. And if I were in classes, like pretty much anyone else that I know closures mean uncertainty. Is that assignment that was due today going to be due tomorrow, or next class? When will my test be? What about my lab? When? What? Where? And no one really knows the answer to the questions either. And without power there isn’t much you can do to get those assignments done anyway. Especially in CS, where, granted you could get your own computer powered up somehow, but even then, the network router appear to be down anyway. So logging into torch, the CS undergrad server would be tricky to say the least, and almost every assignment that I have had in a CSCI designated class has required me to use torch (or borg previously) in some way, shape or form. What a crazy week so far, and I can imagine that it will take a while before things are back to normal. I’ll keep you posted, sort of.

Written by Colin Bate