Update and salsa

Pembroke, Bermuda

In the past I might have been talking about the salsa that you eat with nachos; however I am talking about the Latin dance Salsa. After three plus years of bugging me, Kieran has finally managed to get me out to a beginner Salsa class. It is odd since I am such a fan of dancing, that I would have held out so long. I guess I needed to drop 100 pounds before feeling ready to try it.

And it is a great way to meet new people which is always a plus. I wouldn’t mind picking up a few different dances over the next little while. I’m not looking to compete in them like Kieran, just have a social knowledge of them so I can not fumble awkwardly when the situation arises.

Apart from these new dancing endeavours, life is going well since my last update. There was some time spent in Vancouver with work which was great as my trips there usually are. And as well, I surprised my folks (and two youngest brothers) with a short trip back to Nova Scotia over labour day weekend. My youngest brother was starting university and so it was a pretty big moment in my parent’s house.

On the Slow Carb front, I’m still with it. I’m currently hovering around 215lbs, so I’ve broken the 100lbs loss since the peak that I ever recall weighing in at. I’m also down to size 36 pants/shorts. And some of those are starting to feel a bit loose. At this point, I’m just transforming fat into muscle and not really getting a lot lighter. I’m interested in experimenting for a while to see whether I can get some better results by readjusting my diet. I know that is probably sacreligious to the Tim Ferriss fans, but I feel that after 9 months of the slow carb life, my body is probably getting complacent. I’m still keen on building some muscle, so we’ll see, and it won’t be a huge adjustment, there are just some things that I can’t handle anymore… some of the worst offenders. I’ll let you know. I’ve planned to adjust in the past, but wasn’t able to pull it off. Until next time.