Fun Links 2011-09-23

In an interest of spreading some knowledge and coolness around the dev team, I’m hoping to start sending out a collection of interesting links to technologies, OS projects and other similar things on a weekly basis. Topics will vary, but given my personal interests will likely be web focused. Perhaps people can send links to me through the week with a brief description so we can get more variety. They aren’t necessarily related to work, but certainly could be relevant.

Today things are definitely following a cloud theme.

Pub Nub
Real-time global publish and subscribe communication.

Another real-time global messaging cloud solution.

Cloud 9 IDE
An online development environment with a rich feature set and the ability to tie into Github or BitBucket. Free for open source projects.

A remote load and performance testing tool.

Cloud communications, phone, SMS and voice infrastructure for your applications.

Written by Colin Bate