Finally swimming

Pembroke, Bermuda

I’ve been back in Bermuda for a weeks now and it has been an interesting time. First of all, we returned to a warm stuffy apartment with broken air conditioning. Not good on what were probably some of the warmest weather we will have this summer. It has been three weeks of broken promises regarding getting it fixed. Not that there weren’t attempts, just apparently it was very broken and needs parts flown in. Great. I’m starting to sweat just sitting here writing this.

It has also been the final sprint in our current development milestone at work which as usual means being quite busy. And since I don’t want to be in my apartment, it also means living at the office even more than normal.

On the plus side I’ve returned to join my coworkers on our Sunday morning beach volleyball team. It has been a lot of fun, and we are doing quite well… certainly better than we did for the spring league. It has meant getting a bit more burnt than I would like for the past couple of weekends. Not terribly bad, but enough to annoy. I might be collecting some colour… not so much tanned, but certainly pinker.

And related to my original thought and the title of the post, I’ve finally started going swimming in the morning before work. It started with a swim last Saturday morning up at Admiralty House Park which I’ve mentioned before. Then on Tuesday, I slipped away from the office around 7pm to go swimming before finishing off the night back at work. There were quite a few people there then, but it was refreshing. On Thursday, despite only about 4 hours of sleep, I decided to give it a shot in the morning. Deserted and a comfortable temperature. This morning was much more choppy in the water, but I went in anyway. Turns out to be a great way to start the morning.

I’m hoping the extra swimming will really help in my quest for a fitter, stronger me. I guess I should mention that despite the alarming amount of Greek food and ice cream that I consumed while I was away, the supplements kept the weight to a reasonable level. I’ve since brought things down again to past the point when I left. Will keep you in the loop as I track the benefits the extra swimming will provide. I’m also keen to increase my swimming endurance, which I think is happening already, but I’ll keep an eye.

Written by Colin Bate