Try these tools on for size

Hamilton, Bermuda

Another busy week, another collection of links without a theme. Unless you consider GitHub to be a theme, as all of the links in this issue are to open source tools or libraries. Hope you find something interesting or useful.

roughViz logo or screenshot


Reusable JavaScript library for creating sketchy/hand-drawn styled charts in the browser. I’m struggling to find a practical use for this outside of creating a prototyping tool. Perhaps for an application which is aimed at children. Or children at heart.

vulcain logo or screenshot


Use HTTP/2 Server Push to create fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs. Attempts to capture some of the advantages of GraphQL while sticking to the more familiar REST style queries. Takes advantage of some underused features of HTTP/2.

is-website-vulnerable logo or screenshot


Finds publicly known security vulnerabilities in a website’s frontend JavaScript libraries. If you have Node installed, you can run it directly via npx. Definitely a useful tool for any site administrator.

One more thing…

You may remember my issue on image hosting a couple months back. Well, I just ran across another service for hosting images and video which seems pretty competitive regarding their free tier. Ten GB of space and 20 GB of monthly bandwidth.

Publitio logo or screenshot


Publitio handles uploading, hosting, processing & delivery of images, videos & audio files for web and mobile apps.

Written by Colin Bate