A head tag, syntax highlighter and a state machine walk into a bar...

Hamilton, Bermuda

OK, so it was a busy week and then I caught a cold, so I don’t have the time I’d like to research, extract icons and write up my opinions. So for this issue, we are going to be treated with something different. Links to some random technical stuff!

A free guide to <head> elements. Seems pretty simple, but there are a lot of things that can go into the head metadata of a page. A great reference to add to any web developers’ tool belt.

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A beautiful Syntax Highlighter. Node.js based tool which uses VSCode themes and language definitions to generate static syntax highlighting HTML output. Great for use with static site generators.

David Khourshid - Infinitely Better UIs with Finite Automata

This video talks about how you can use finite state machines to better model UI interactions. It also touches on the misconception that UI work is superficial, which brings me back to old discussions I used to have with back end developers. :) Hopefully this video will help illustrate the complexities of human-computer interactions, and how we can go about mitigating them.