Using free tools together

Hamilton, Bermuda

I think I need to change my schedule a bit to make some more time for this newsletter. This week I’ve added an article that demonstrates using free tools and services (some of which we covered) to build something useful. I’m hoping to include more of these in the future, as well as write some of my own.

Create A Bookmarking Application With FaunaDB, Netlify And 11ty logo or screenshot

Create A Bookmarking Application With FaunaDB, Netlify And 11ty

In this article, we’ll create a personal bookmarking site using FaunaDB, Netlify Functions and 11ty data files.

uPlot logo or screenshot


An exceptionally fast, tiny time series chart. Last time I mentioned a chart library which creates rough looking graphs. This time it is a library with a focus on performance with large data sets.

Designing accessible color systems logo or screenshot

Designing accessible color systems

How we designed a color system with hand-picked, vibrant colors that also met standards for accessibility and contrast. This isn’t a tool or a service, but it is a concept that I find isn’t properly understood or followed on a lot of site. Hopefully it serves as a good resource.

Written by Colin Bate