Trinity of geeky days

Hamilton, Bermuda

Today we are entering a threesome of days which have some pseudo-significance to people. First, and likely most significant to people is a Friday the thirteenth. A lot of people see it as a day of bad luck, some others see it as a day of good luck. Personally I’m neutral on the matter, but it has a label and definitely some significance.

Tomorrow is more obscure perhaps, first it is Albert Einstein’s birthday. But to some math geeks, it is also Pi Day. Third month, 14th day. 3.14. And as I was writing this I realized that I likely don’t need to explain pi day anymore since I write about it all the time. Almost every year since the versions of my website which are still online started. It looks like I missed it in 2007 (granted I was very busy finishing my dissertation). But I mention it in 2008, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002.

And finally on Sunday we have the Ides of March. Made famous by Shakespeare, this was the day on which Julius Caesar was assassinated. This one is significant for all the literary and history geeks out there. Not that I am not one myself. :)

Not to be outdone, being slightly disconnected, is St. Patrick’s day on the 17th. Really the only one of these “days” to get a proper celebration with much drinking and parades in some places. Of course, since St. Paddys is on a Tuesday, I suspect there will be much celebration this weekend.