Licensed to drive...

Hamilton, Bermuda

It is almost exactly ten years since I got my driver’s license in Nova Scotia. I remember that feeling of potential freedom that it represented. If you grew up in a city, you can’t fully appreciate the value that being able to drive a car has. No buses, no trains, no taxis, not even sidewalks. If I wanted to go anywhere other than into the woods, I needed to do it in a car.

Fast forward to the present and I am no less excited about the license I just received today. After exactly two months on the island, I finally have my motorcycle license. And not just the 50cc auxiliary scooters, I am able to drive motorcycles and scooters up to 150cc (which is the maximum allowed in Bermuda). And it is good for ten years. Now I just have to get myself a bike, I’m about done with the one that I’ve been renting for the past two months. I’ll be sure to mention when I get something picked out, hopefully with photos.