PI Day

Yes it is here at last! As it turns out today is also Albert Eistein’s birthday. I did actually know that before but every year I forget - it being completely over-shadowed by Pi Day. Almost one month of careful hair grooming and shaving culminating in one fantastic day of mathematical celebration. My hair shapes haven’t really been mentioned very much on this page - ever since the star anyway. But for those who haven’t seen it, I do have a pi shaved into the back of my head. This one needed a bit more explaination when people asked me about it, but I found that people didn’t ask as much - my guess being that most people likely weren’t sure what it was. And I will admit that it took some time for it to “come of age” and really start to look like pi. Now I’m on a quest to determine what is next on my head shaving escapade. Easter egg is a suggestion, I have even thought that the Apple Computer logo might look pretty cool. But all in good time. And don’t worry I do plan on posting the hair pi pictures soon - for those of you out-of-towners :)

Pi symbol in shaving cream on my head

Happy Pi Day!!

Written by Colin Bate