My order came in today! I had ordered some stuff from which arrived today. It was actually fairly timely too - I ordered at 2am on Thursday of last week (the 3rd) and I received it today. I received three bars of the Shower Shock caffeinated soap which I am anxious to try out tomorrow. I also bought a nifty drinking glass which is very dark blue with geek. written on it in white letters. I also got two books with the order: Neuromancer and Cryptinomicon both very good classics that I haven’t read yet - nor will I this term if the work I have keeps up. But it is always good to add to the library of books that I haven’t read that are kicking around my apartment.

I think that I will be placing another order soon - maybe get a couple of t-shirts and stickers. I’m a big fan of the one that says: “There’s no place like” - so true. And how cool would PHP stickers be?! Time shall tell, and as usual I will let you know. :)


Written by Colin Bate