Roof Maintenance

I’m generally a patient person. However, I have little patience for ignorance and stupidity. I don’t want to generalize construction and maintenance workers but I firmly believe that everyone that is working on the roof above is a certifiable idiot. I wish they were more like the construction workers that installed the deck across the street last week. Sure I bitched about the noise, but I do realize that is a necessary evil for construction to take place. The great thing about the guys last week was that they worked the whole time - they took their well deserved lunch break and a couple breaks for drinks in the heat, but they didn’t sit about all day doing nothing. I’m sure that building a deck is a fair bit easier than doing whatever it is that they are doing to the roof, but I can’t imagine that there is any excuse for a lot of the issue that have been experienced.

Most importantly, Krafty’s brother’s bedroom was leaked into the night before last resulting in the loss of some of his electronics. I had lived in that same room for a year and I can tell you there was not even any water damage that might indicate a potential leak - but the day after they start working on the roof, removing the gravel and what have you there are issues. Go figure. Again I will mention the noise, I don’t know what they are doing up there, but it rattles my light fixtures - I assume that they are enjoying a rendition of Stomp up there. Perhaps a necessary evil. The final thing I’m going to rant about right now is the fact that I think one of them buzzed my apartment at like 7am. I heard it and I think to myself - no fucking way. But I dragged some clothes on and take a peek downstairs - I didn’t see anyone, which is good, because if it wasn’t genuinely for me then I definitely wasn’t letting them in. Ha ha ha… not so funny now. I am so very, very tempted to just lock them up on the roof, see how they like that. Grrr.

Written by Colin Bate