The RippleWall v1.09

2022 called. Flash is dead. Obviously these files are no longer available. IIRC the RippleWall was a flash app that caused colored ripples to pulse out from your mouse position when you moved it.

Thanks to some popular demand, my RippleTank Flash program is now available as a wallpaper. This obviously requires Active Desktop to be running.


  1. Determine your screen resolution.
  2. Download the corresponding file below.
  3. Un-zip the downloaded file.
  4. Follow the instructions in the README.txt file.

Main Downloads

If your resolution is lower than this, then you don’t deserve the program. :P


Please note that the above is only the flash file, and you need the other html from the full download for this to work. Simply replace the RippleWall.swf you originally downloaded with this one (you will need to rename this one).