Expression Evaluator

[ Current Version: 1.0 ]

Welcome to the home of Expression Evaluator v1.0. This program/utility simply takes in expressions from the user and evaluates them. There is also the capability to input scripts to be evaluated once the user enters certain key values.


  • — 580 KB [no longer available]

* There is no source available yet, but please be patient.



I have a DOS executable (cygwin) which might be of more use to people than the Solaris 8 executable that I had before. Of course it needs a dynamic link library to work which makes it a big distribution, but hey whatever works.


I have actually finished coding version 1.0. This is the version that I will be submitting for my assignment. For obvious reasons I am not going to be posting the program for download until after I submit it. So you’ll have to wait another week or so. Since it is written in standard C++ I believe that I might be able to create a Windows version sometime over Christmas, as I have MS Visual C++ on my computer. If anyone remembers my DeCAPAtator program I wrote a couple years ago, this can be used very similarly.