Swing of things

I think that I have finally gotten into the swing of things here. I have 98% of my stuff moved upstairs. I have started all of my courses. I have resolved some personal issues that were weighing extremely heavy on me. I have almost finished my workterm report and I have been able to get a couple of people to take a look at it. I realize that I haven’t actually gotten into the assignments yet, but I know that things will pick up in a few days. So I don’t imagine that my restful piece of mind will last very long, and I will slowly deteriorate into a lipid puddle of goo. However before that happens I definitely plan to take in the new Matrix Reloaded movie. There is definitely nothing sexier than that movie and I haven’t even seen it yet. Unfortunately I am not feeling particularly verbose right now, I had a long day and I think I’m going to sign off for now.

Written by Colin Bate