Move to the Music

I will start off by saying that I really need to get into better shape if I am going to go out dancing much more often. I was out last night at the Mercury which is our favourite Friday night venue (at the moment) and it has been a while. I didn’t get out much last term (like - at all) and so I am out of practice. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the most stellar lineup of music last night, but I am generally not that picky unless there is another reason that I don’t want to dance. Enter indigestion. We went from eating a huge meal directly to the Mercury. Needless to say, my stomach was not very receptive to that brilliant idea and it decided to bail on me. So while, I still did have fun, I expect that the next time I will be more prepared (and rested).

The real fun part about being there was watching other people. While I was there to dance, there weren’t that many other guys who shared my ambitions. Most seemed to be on some sort of primal hunt. Having recently read an article in Maxim about how to be a good wingman, I was able to notice a few of the techniques being employed. We sat at a table very near the dance floor for a while and I watched as women would start dancing and then Random Guy 1 would come in and try to dance with them. This sometimes worked and sometimes not. At first the dancefloor was a collection of small entities that existed independent, yet aware of each other. As time passed and more alcohol was consumed, these clusters would become more erratic until a point where a certain critical mass was obtained and there as a flood of women onto the floor. This was very quickly (it was amusing to watch) followed by the men in the bar swarming out as well in hot persuit. After this point the dancefloor had reached an equilibrium and the mood was set. There were a couple of situations where I wished I could help a hapless woman caught in the web of craziness from some guy that couldn’t keep his hands off of her. Mostly these situations would sort themselves out. In any event, it was a very amusing 4 hours. The things that people notice/remember when they don’t drink at a bar.

Written by Colin Bate