First Week

Yes, today is my birthday, but I figured a post entirely about that would be both boring and self-centered. Not that I am adverse to either - I just figured I’d spare us all. More importantly this is also the end of the first week of classes for the Computer Science summer term. Most other students taking courses this summer don’t start until next week, but as usual comp sci is out on the edge of a different realm.

All told I had a good first week. My classes sound like they will both be interesting and challenging which will at least keep me on my toes. At least one of the classes should be a piece of cake which is a good thing considering that another one looks like it could be a small slice of hell. But I’m sure I’ll be fine in the long run as my system of going to class and actually doing the work has yet to fail me.

As far as my moving is concerned, I have almost gotten everything sorted out. I am experiencing a bit of buffer overflow with trying to fit a lot of stuff from downstairs into my tiny room up here. Needless to say - some alternate solution will need to be found, hopefully without resorting to fire and explosions. :)

Written by Colin Bate