Happy May

I am currently in the process of moving from my swanky bachelor apartment into a tiny room in a three-bedroom setup with Rage and tugger. Despite my negative tone, I am looking forward to the summer up there and I hope that everything goes well. I will go on record again that moving does suck. I think that I might have mentioned that when I moved down three flights of stairs - well now I’m moving back up those same flights. It is amazing how much stuff I have. I think that most of it will be filtered back home and then likely donated to various causes. The shear volume of clothing that I don’t wear anymore is creepy. Not to mention books, papers, and everything else that I have saved up since first year.

However more precisely, I am fixing a problem with the quota system that was introduced by last night’s move from borg to torch as the undergraduate computer science server. The new code isn’t working yet, as I don’t have write access to torch in the appropriate places, but by Monday things should be straightened up. At least now, there won’t be any emails sent out from borg. The worst part of it all is that back in March (the 12th to be exact) I spent many hours fixing up the script on locutus (the graduate server) and I left borg alone because we weren’t having any trouble with it at the time. All I had to do today was copy over the changes that I made on Locutus to borg and voila! it worked. For those concerned don’t worry - no one’s quota was changed because there is no quota to change on borg any more - it’s all on torch. :)

Now I am going to go back to more moving. :)

Written by Colin Bate