Matrix: Reloaded

Well were can I start? I have been waiting for this movie for like… 4 years. I can’t remember exactly when I first heard that there was going to be a sequel to the Matrix, but I remember hearing that it was going to be a few years away. That was very disappointing for me at the time. However, now that I am finishing my third year of university, my disappointment has been dissolved into a fury of hardcore special effects. As usual, I am in no mood to spoil this epic movie for anyone who has not seen it yet. That being said, if you wait too much longer to see it I will stop caring about your sorry asses and just give a full account on here. See it. Now.

I will give you a few of my general impressions. It is a long movie. 2.5 hours or something akin to that. At certain points it felt like I had been watching it for hours, at other points it seemed like an instant. It think that this might have had something to do with the amount of root beer that I drank. I’ll let you figure it out. Also, pay very close attention to what people are saying. I realize that the special effects are likely to attempt to distract the unsuspecting viewers, but try to maintain. At one point Neo will be in a white room with a lot of TV screens. I’m not going to say any more about it - but pay attention to the dialogue in this scene. It is critical. In fact, you will likely want to go see the movie again based on this scene alone.

Also - stay through the credits - there is a trailer for Matrix: Revolution afterwards.


Written by Colin Bate