Sweet Victory

NO MORE COMM. SKILLS! *victory dance* That is really all that needs to be said in order to understand how I am feeling right now. Oh and no more Discrete Structures! Not that a year with Janssen as a prof wasn’t exciting, but I am certainly glad that I won’t have to use that awful textbook anymore. On a related note, does anyone want to buy a used Discrete text book. It is in fine condition - considering that it is full of poorly written discrete mathematics questions. The real bitch of it all is that it costs like $140 or something insane like that - yours for only $65!! Anyway… whatever.

Not much to report these days that isn’t school related. I am seriously looking forward to some hardcore web development this summer. Expect big changes to my web site and possibly more. :)

Zoolander was an interesting movie. Funny in a way that you seem to be laughing at the actors, not with them. Overall however, not a movie that I regret seeing so therefore it is just fine by me.

Written by Colin Bate