Please be patient with me as I play around with the layout of this front page. This is something that I tend to do every so often because I am picky and I bore easily. My goal was to have the menu be more consistent - not two formats. With that done, I of course had to remodel everything.

For those who may be concerned, my Comm. Skills presentation went well, very well in fact. Now we only have one more thing to pass in for that course and we are FINISHED! I can finally get some rest after completing an assignment that was due at midnight. I did get it finished and decided that now was the best time to watch Atlanis. So I did. Now I can hardly see because I am so tired.

I have also joined the wireless age and I bought my very own cellphone. This was part of a promotion that AML Communications was holding (Rogers AT&T). The number is the same as it was before, only 441 not 422. I am on a pretty big potential spending spree right now. I have interest in picking up a new digital camera. A fairly nice one, flash, 2+ megapizels - you know, something reasonable

Written by Colin Bate