CS Pub Crawl

I think that for someone who doesn’t drink, I am spending a lot of money going to bars and on pub crawls. Oh well, I do have a good time so I guess that is why. It does seem that my pub crawl enthusiasm is dropping slightly. My first pub crawl I was there from something like 5 for the GeekBeer until the Palace at some unholy hour in the morning. Whereas yesterday I was at the GeekBeer for an hour and then I skipped two bars and went to Pacifico around 10pm. Then I skipped JJ’s and headed to Reflections at 1am. OK, yes I was finishing up an assignment that was due at midnight, but the same thing happened on the recent Glengary pub crawl… only 2.5 bars visited. Not that I suspect that this will develop into a problem, it was something that I had noticed.

If you follow my forum, you will know that the Saga has ended. If you haven’t heard, then you should probably go read it, because I don’t really want to repeat myself.

Assignments are still coming on strong. I’m not exactly sure how many are left, but I will tell you I am looking forward to this summer. Anyway, I must go and work on my presentation for Comm. Skills. Grrr. :P

Written by Colin Bate