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I have realized that while I enjoy many social endeavors, I am truly at peace in front of a computer. I know that some people might think that is sad. To them I say suck it. This public service annoucement has been brought to you by my computer.

As the Saga unfolds, our hero finds himself conflicted and trapped in a pit full of zombies. Fortunately, our brave warrior has remembered his zombie stick and is kicking some serious undead ass. Once free from that burden he will venture forth to conquer what remains to oppose him. One force however proves almost too strong for our hero at the moment - attractive female. He takes a deep breath and steps forward to face his fears… (to be continued)

Does anyone know what the expected lifetime of an optical mouse is? I have had my Dexxa optical mouse for almost a year and a half now and I am curious if the slight jitter it is experiencing on occasion is old age or mild epilepsy on my part. I have nothing but praise for my $34 optical mouse, but if it is her time to go, then I have no problems looking for a replacement.

Written by Colin Bate