Different Tune

Yea, you can say that my work situation has caught up with the rest of the world and I can no longer bask in my former apathy. But, the summer will be here soon, so I’ll get my chance yet. It is funny that I always do this write up after I have sworn that I will go to bed early, only to realize that once I’m done that I am likely in for another tired day tomorrow. That being said, at least I am not getting up early to run - although I do have to go to work.

You will all be pleased to know that I have diliberated for a long while and with some consultation with my support staff, I think I am going to “go for it” and let that girl I was talking about before know how I feel. Of course, I don’t really know what to do from there, but I am hoping that will just kind of work itself out. I also don’t have the stones to do this in person, so it will be in my traditional email format. :) God, just thinking about this makes me feel like I’m in high school/junior high again - back when I was even worse at this then I am now.

I just watched Resident Evil again - this time on the computer. I have it in VCD format and the quality is pretty good - it still captures the mood of the movie properly. Other than the fact that this is actually a pretty cool movie, (let me know if you want a copy) I’m pretty sure it hasn’t even hit theatres in my hometown yet (if it ever will). The Internet is a wonderful thing. :)

rhuvok out.

Written by Colin Bate