School Week I

The forum and membership are no longer a thing.

Well that was one week more or less over and done with. I have no interest in school right now, I think that whole month off thing has left me in a bit of a lazy, apathetic state which I have no intention of leaving. Now that that is established I can revel in even more mundane issues like laundry which needs to be done if I actually want to wear socks tomorrow.

It seems that with the new photos threads in the forum (which if you haven’t seen you really should - you will need a membership though) I have been neglecting my updates detailing the painful details of my life. I know that some people are reading it though and I would hate to disappoint my audience.

I have noticed in my limited experience with “web logs” (which despite my best effort is what this site is becoming) people really respond to postings about relationships - I’m sure that just mentioning it will invoke some reaction out of everyone. So if everyone is listening - there is a girl that I like (Oooooooh). She sort of came out of nowhere. Obviously she didn’t just appear, but as far as I’m concerned she did. Of course, in keeping with my usual style I don’t actually express this interest to her but keep it bottled up - probably resulting in a loss of opportunity - as is what always has occured in the past. :) I have also realized that CS students are not generally the people you want to be going to for relationship advice, so despite all of my seeking, I don’t seem to be any closer to an answer now then I ever was. :P

Lets see what the wolves think of that fresh piece of meat. It almost makes me wish I had wanted to implement responses to these comments. :) Oh well, people can always USE MY FORUM if they want to speak their mind. Cheers and have a good weekend :)

Written by Colin Bate