Back to Class

Well. I have had three days of class so far and I think things are going well. While everyone around me seems to be frantically racing to get things done, I am leaning back and enjoying my first week back in computer science bliss. That’s right. Sure, next week will be busy and so will the week after, but for now I am easing back into the fact that I have more things challenging my consciousness at irregular intervals throughout the day.

That being said… I/we/my desk at work received a new chair on Tuesday. This will be the third chair that I have had there since I started working there almost a year ago. The first one wasn’t bad… but I more or less destroyed it over the summer. I have a tendancy to lean to one side while resting and well… the chair basically snapped. I didn’t mind it’s tilt, but when September rolled around and I wasn’t the only one there anymore, well they brought in this hideous (in appearance and comfort) blue chair that was a danger to everyone. Regardless to say, that is gone with the purchase of a new chair that I hope not to break. We’ll see.

I have decided that I would like to buy an MP3/CD player. I have a good number of mp3s and with the purchase of my new headphones I am screaming for a good audio source. Oh and my Dad is coming up and I am going to see him tomorrow… not that it concerns anyone, but FYI. :) Cheers.

Written by Colin Bate