Home Stretch

painted annaI know that most people have seen it, but that is my painted computer case in the picture on the left. I have just spent the last little while here in the CSB trying to waste my print credits while I still have them this term. I am making “signs” that I can… hang up somewhere I guess. It will more likely amount to having more paper cluttering up my room and whatnot. Oh well.

If anyone is wondering what they can get me for my birthday, I would recommend a Titanium PowerBook G4 - the $3700 USD one with the gig of RAM and 48GB hard drive - not to mention it has a SLOT LOADING combo drive. It’s a it bit pricy… so maybe you can all pitch in together and buy it - I won’t mind. But seriously - that is one sweet machine. Some of you Windows people might be wondering why I want an Apple computer… well take a look and tell me what you think… bearing in mind that I am a graphics/animation/music person and I love to design things. Yummy.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is my last day at work as a part-time employee. Starting Monday I will be full time - and I get to work from 4:30 to 11:30pm - just after my AI exam. However my regular shift is 8:30 - 4:30 which is a bit more reasonable. My job does not involve me talking to the public face-to-face anymore and I am going to be thankful for that break. After a year of helping people with searching for apartments and such, I will be glad to focus on just doing reservations on the phone.

Written by Colin Bate