Back to Work

I guess it is clear that I am done exams. The C exam was easy - three programming questions. The AI exam was a bit trickier only based on the fact that there was one question that I more or less had to make up. Considering however, that I did not attend that class once we started AI, I think that I did very well. I certainly believe that the success to effort ratio will be high. It certainly does feel good though to know that classes are over and that I don’t have to worry about assignments or exams… of course soon we’ll get our marks and I will see just how worried I should have been. :)

On the other side of that coin, I started work yesterday - after my exam. Yes starting at 4:30 and working diligently until 11:30, I completed my first day of my summer job, which is basically like my school year job only with more problems and craziness. We are still frought with computer troubles - more specifically database troubles when trying to have various users - some of whom are in Fenwick - use the same reservation software

Another change in my life is that I have two new roommates. Both are of sonar! fame, users Krafty and mike. They aren’t here for the whole summer, but I think that it will be a good month or two while they are here.

Not that it is an immediate concern, because I have backup plans, but my borg space (where I host is running preciously low on space - not actual file size, but in the number of files that I am allowed to have. All of those pictures, while they aren’t big, start to add up after a while too. I may start hosting some things on my brother’s server… so if you notice any lag for somethings, that might be why. I’ll let you know if I do anything drastic.

Written by Colin Bate