I’m not going to stand here and critique the movie Spiderman. After all, that is Mark’s job. Short story: I liked the movie… a lot. That may or may not mean anything to anyone - as Chris knows it is very rare when I don’t like a movie. I mean if it entertains me in the least then I will like it. That being said, I did thoroughly enjoy Spiderman.

I have been waiting literally for years for Hollywood to create a spiderman movie. We already had DC characters in movies - Superman and Batman - and I thought that spiderman would make an excellent movie. Maybe it was easier on the special effects crew to make someone fly rather than shoot a web. Of course Marvel did X-Men - which to the best of my knowledge did quite well at the box office. The next logical step had to be spiderman.

Perhaps I will go into this a bit more when I have more time (ie. not on dial-up). There were some great scenes in that movie - I won’t go into any details because I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. The moral of my story is however to see Spiderman - see it in theatres if you can - I think you’ll like it.

Written by Colin Bate