Very Much Underway

The summer is now very much underway. I can’t believe that I left this page for 10 days. It is especially bad because yesterday was my birthday and I didn’t even mention it. Everything went fine - a low key birthday is all that I need. I had dinner with my mother and then did my laundry and watched a bit of TV. After a week like the one I just had at work, low key is all that I could handle without overloading.

On that note, this past week at work was training week. Monday was Orientation - not too bad only a half day of missed phone calls to deal with. Tuesday was our Superhost customer service training. Not bad in respect to the course, but with everyone out of the office all day on Tuesday, I believe there were 30+ voicemail to catch up on. Wednesday was particularly busy. I helped Ancillary Systems prep the computers for some training in the afternoon - a task which obviously wasn’t destined to be as easy as planned. :) I also had a training module that I had to teach in the afternoon. Thursday wasn’t bad (it was my birthday afterall) with only the morning for training and the afternoon spent trying to get organized back in the office. I feel that I did a good job today keeping up on all the phone calls and voicemail. I don’t know how many people will care about my week, but I am writing about it so that I have record of it later when I look back on my summer. :)

I have started reading The Fellowship of the Ring and I don’t think that I have actually started the actual chapters - at this point I have just finished the Prologue. :) I am going to be reading the whole Lord of the Rings set this summer, and this is my first time, so I am quite excited. Hopefully I won’t neglect the website because of my reading, but merely enrich my life in addition to it. Yea right. I guess we’ll see. :)

I fear putting too many new pictures up as my quota is fighting for air. I am thinking about running a server from my computer here and at least those people on campus would be able to get those picture I would leave there. This isn’t a high priority, so we’ll see how long it takes. :)

Written by Colin Bate