Sweet sweetness

avril lavigneI’m not the type of person to jump on the whole pop culture band-wagon - but good lord! Avril Lavigne is HOT. That is a picture of her I currently have on the left side of the page. I would like to thank Chris for uploading her music video to /var/tmp (it should still be there for a couple days) and completing my life. After some brief research, I have determined that she is Canadian, which is cool. For those interested, you can download her song “Complicated” [dead link removed].

Back in my real life, I am going through a hellish busy time at work. Speaking of work, there is a situation whereby my colleague would like to work days from July 25 until Aug 16. This of course is up to me. I don’t mind, except, I am going away on the long weekend in Aug, and I am going home the weekend after that, so I need that time… and I also hear that there is a banquet that I am going to be attending on the 25th. :P Anyway… that is one issue. I also have just selected my classes for the fall and I am still quite uncertain as to what I want to do for COOP.

And in other news, I am slowly weaning myself off of shoes… and I am going barefoot. I must say that it is pretty good and there are societies that actually promote and inform on this topic. Mike has witnessed my shoelessness a couple of times. The actual comfort of walking without shoes is not an issue because it really is quite pleasant, it is the social stigma of being outside in a city… barefoot that I am having trouble dealing with just yet. For that reason I carry sandals in my backpack when I go out. It is better at night - fewer people about and often too dark to see what you have on your feet. (or don’t have on your feet). Maybe I should talk to Dr. Cash and see what his thoughts are at this point… :P

I’m off… Cheers. rhuvok

Written by Colin Bate