Movie Buff

Well I have officially reached the point in my summer where I have lost all ambition to do anything and just spend my time becoming better acquianted with a host of movies. Actually I have a list that is perpetually growing of movies that I have to see. Luckily I am making a dent in that list as can be seen by the steadily changing list of movies that have made it to my “recently watched” list. I have also started giving a little review of the movies that I have seen, especially the more obscure ones. There are a couple of the movies in the list that link to a movies.php - those ones have a write up with them. Soon you will be pesticidesable to see all of my movies that I have seen - not that most people will care, but I thought since that has become such a major part of my life I would try to integrate that into the other half of my life - this website.

I have given up on my Avril Lavigne obsession. I realized that chances are, I will never meet her in person - and even if I did, I am pretty sure I am not her type. (and she is only 17). That being said, I don’t regret buying her CD - it is pretty good. I also bought A Beautiful Mind on the weekend. Blockbuster has a buy two used movies and get another one free deal going on so I will probably end up buying three more DVD’s - effectively doubling my DVD collection. I think I am going to get Black Hawk Down, Thir13en Ghosts, and probably Serendipity - a good mix of war, horror and romantic comedy.

Oh, if anyone is looking for a new snack to try, pick up a can of Spicy Cajun Pringles - especially if you can find one of the new design cans - they seem to be spicier. I am really addicted to them.

I am going home this weekend, which I am very much looking forward to. My family has installed a pool since last I was home and I look forward to certainly a more exciting weekend than I would have here. I don’t miss home per se, but during the summer, I certainly enjoy going home every now and then. I guess the nice weather allows me to get out of the house and the fact that school is out for my brothers means that everyone is in a more enjoyable mood. Plus the Lobster Carnival is talking place - which may sound hick-ish - and it is, but it has been a big part (Midway) of my life for many years. And for the Karen amoung us, Slainte Mhath is playing on Sunday night. It should be fun and I will keep you updated as things happen :)

Written by Colin Bate