Change of Pace

After a long day at the office, it just feels good to go home and take a nap or watch a movie and not move or think about anything. This is my life right now. This may explain, although not excuse my recent hiatus from updating this page. Clearly I am not at a shortage of words, as my recent trip home had provided me with many comments not to mention the events of this coming weekend. So without further ado, I will dive in now.

First of all, let me tell you that having a pool in your backyard on a hot summer weekend, is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. And also the most dangerous. Nothing is more relaxing than just floating around under the sun in a blissful ignorance of the rest of the world. !WARNING¡ There is a huge ball of incandescent hydrogen out there with a real hatred toward the skin on your body. That’s right folks, wear sunscreen. And if possible a shirt. And have an umbrella. And a body suit. Damn. There is nothing quite as annoying as an itchy stomach. Unless you consider the constant itch from the tiny injections of poison under your skin. But seriously, I had a great weekend. Not only that but I managed to avoid anyone that I used to know from high school. You’d think that after 13 years of seeing some of these people every day, that I would have made friends with a few of them. Nope. With the possible exception of Lil J, I am quite content to live separate from that part of my life.

And the thing this weekend is that my brother is in the city. Which actually completes the cycle that in less than one week, all five members of my immediate family have spent a night in my apartment. My mom on Sunday when she drove me back to Halifax. My Dad and two youngest brothers stayed Wednesday night for the sheer sake of visiting me. And now my other brother. So that is just one difference this weekend. The other is a cheerleader camp or something - basically 200+ cheerleaders from around eastern canada will be staying on campus (and practicing on Wickwire field). This is the reason that my brother is here, I’m sure. “Sure Colin, I’m here to visit you…“. Yea Right. :P

I did end up buying three movies, and I was close with my prediction. I ended up with Black Hawk Down, Serendipity and Spy Games. And I rented a few more too, which unfortunately haven’t made it on to my list yet.

They have made some serious progress on the renovations at the SUB so far this summer. The Royal bank machines are now inside where previously there had been a wall (behind the info desk). The info desk is temporarily on the second floor and the Scotia bank machine which is going to be beside the new Royal bank machines isn’t operational yet. I believe that the SUB is going to be 24 hours in the future so don’t worry about your late night banking needs. The new Grawood is coming along too. It is really hard to explain what is going on, but Tim Hortons is still open, so the building tenants (including myself) continue to tolerate the extra noise and airborne particles.

That being said, I must get to work staring at the phone. :P Cheers. rhuvok out.

Written by Colin Bate