A Whole New Week

Well, my brother and his friends have returned home and things are back to a comparative normality. Tuesday was the only day last week that was normal in the sense that I didn’t have any family members at my place in the morning or at night. But let it be known that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Of course, I did spend a lot of money - on food - while my brother was here. We ate somewhere different for every meal I believe. And now that that is over, I think I am going to take up going to the gym again. I need to do something to get me more energy.

Speaking of energy, I am a little bit excited about the Elektrik Dreams Music Festival that Massive is planning. Visit ravehalifax.com for more details. It is a two day, indoor/outdoor event. The first night is at Reflections - which I will likely skip for the fact that unlike many of the other attendees, I will not have a endless supply of “energy” to keep my going, so I will need to rest up. The outdoor part, for which a venue hasn’t been chosen to my knowledge will start at 2pm on Saturday Aug 17 and end 8am on Sunday the 18th. All told, that is 18 hours of music. At $28 though, it is a bit pricy - for an outdoor venue anyway. I’ll see if I can pull some strings and get a cheaper rate. I also plan to use this even to meet the woman of my dreams - my Elektrik Dreams :P (bad). But seriously, it can’t hurt to try. Unless it does. Oh man.

And speaking of women… or I guess… girls, I did get a chance to see the cheerleaders on Sunday. Under the guise of playing frisbee on the quad, my brother, his friend Tyler and I went up to the Wickwire area, where lo and behold there were 200+ cheerleaders sitting there. So we threw the “sport disc” around for a while and when we looked over again, they were doing pyramids and other cheer related activities. Oh man, I know some of them were too young for probably even my brother, but wow. *sigh* [so alone]

Well, I just had someone on the phone tell me that if I were a girl he’d say that he loved me. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. He was from Isreal, and I guess I’ll take it as a compliment that I have done a good job. Oh course my ability to change his arrival and departure dates really had nothing to do with me, but I don’t think he cares now. :P

The picture that I have included is to say that I guess my brother isn’t the only person to use canned photos if you know what I mean. You can see his version at b2 NETsolutions. :P

canned photos

I guess that it for now. I’ll keep you all up to date on what Colin is up to next time. :P Cheers, rhuvok out.

Written by Colin Bate