Stage 1

Which is the tarball that I will be using to build my Gentoo system. This requires quite some time - 2 hours to bootstrap, and then some serious time to compile the whole system. Luckily I have a book to read :) So far, I have installed my new drive - which was no small feat due to some nasty cabling issues. But it’s in and the bios and Linux both recognize it as 120 GB so I am pleased. I then partitioned and formatted the drive and now I am about to build the system. The Gentoo CD booted up without a problem into a RAM drive and it properly found all my hardware - even my cordless trackball and network card. I have been able to access the Internet, but at the same time I am glad that I have my laptop. I am reading the (very detailed) installation instructions on the website and having that up on a separate computer is much easier. :) So now I play the waiting game. :)

Written by Colin Bate