A movie and a show

Tonight I saw The Order. I’m sure some of you remember the preview - Heath Ledger is a priest and there is some dark secret, etc, etc, etc… Well, it wasn’t the movie that I thought it was going to be. It was better. It was edgy (I can see why it was deemed as controversial subject matter) and dark, yet wholly refreshing. I left feeling disturbed and yet a little excited. Heath Ledger was excellent, as was Benno Fürmann. I don’t know how well it is doing in the “box office” - there were only like 12 people in the theatre with us - but I think that this movie deserves better and was advertised improperly. Check it out if you are into darker flicks and you don’t mind the odd startle. :)

That was the movie, however on the way back from the movie was the real show. I was walking by the Tim Hortons on Spring Garden (not the 24 hour one - the one closer to Robie Street) when this police car which was driving towards us, stopped and backed up quickly and screeched to a halt. The police officer got out and told this teen who was a bit in front of us to get against the wall and proceeded to cuff him. There was a girl there too and I’m not exactly sure what the offence was, but from the brief dialogue that I overheard on my way by, I think it might of had something to do with the guy doing something to the girl, I’m not sure. The funny thing is that despite all of my CSI watching and being in the city for 4 years, I have never seen an arrest in person, that I can remember. So that was my night.

Written by Colin Bate