School Closed

Yesterday I had to alter my plans for arriving in the city and left home early so that my mother would be able to beat the impending snowstorm. Fortunately she made it home well before the snow started falling, but our original plan of her being up overnight to work today might not have gone so well. The roads were pretty snow covered when I went to bed last night at around 1:30 and it was looking blustery. Upon waking this morning, mike informed me Dal was closed until 10 AM and further decisions would come in at around 8 AM. They did. And for my first day back to school in almost a month — the university is closed. Something that doesn’t happen very often.

Mike and I have the great fortune of not having any heat or hot water since something is awry with the boiler in mike’s building. However, it isn’t cold in here yet, despite this being the case for handy 15 hours now. I just can’t take a shower or shave. Other than that I am quite content to just curl up on the couch (which is my bed) and continue sleeping.

Written by Colin Bate