A taste of my own medicine

With my move back to Halifax, I am in need of finding a place to live. So for the first time since I started university, I am not going to be living on campus. So with something close to two years experience working with people seeking accommodations off campus, the tables have suddenly turned. Fortunately I am playing a much easier game than most. I am intimately familiar with the city and know where I would like to live. I also have inside connections with Off Campus Housing, but fortunately haven’t had to pull that card yet.

Chris has also been kind in offering his room because he is taking off shortly. I am actually looking at one place on Sunday once I get back into the city — which is my last avenue before I resign myself to taking Chris up on his offer. Thanks as well to mike who took the time to take a look at a place for me last Friday — too bad it was too small for my desk.

Written by Colin Bate