That’s me, the hard working researcher — adjusting quite nicely to the world of the grad student apparently. Yesterday was my first day and I pretty much just got dropped into the middle of it all. I am currently looking at some data and working on ways to see which of it is good and which is useless. It is pretty interesting.

I am situated directly across from mike for those people familiar with the computer science building and mike’s grad playground. I’m not 100% settled — I don’t have an access card yet and I’m not quite finished getting my computer the way that I want it. I also had to bring in my own natural keyboard and trackball — but in all fairness, I didn’t actually ask for these things, I just assumed that they would take a while so I took ergonomic matters into my own hands (and wrists :P). I am very pleased to have a nice LCD monitor here though — they are so much better for your eyes when you spend too much time staring at them.

Living with mike this week has been fun. The two of us are still talking despite living and working in the same place. Fortunately we both have laptops and are able to descend into our own little words for a chunk of the time — until something good comes on TV. :) It’s not for much longer, I am going to be moving into Chris’s room sometime next week and mike is actually going to Toronto this weekend. And that is pretty much all that I am up to at this point. I’ll be sure to mention anything that happens as I slowly get resettled back into Halifax.

14:29 Thanks to James for pointing out that I didn’t mention that I am working with Dr. Jacob Slonim and Dr. Mike McAllister on this current project.

Written by Colin Bate