The Second Coming

While perhaps not biblical in the tradional sense, I’m sure that many school aged children were thanking their respective deities yesterday as school was cancelled for the second time this week. The province was just recovering from the harassment it took on Monday from the “blizzard” that dropped up to 40 cm of snow in areas. Yesterday however, came the heavy, wet snow — still coupled with the high winds — creating a formidible foe for powerlines and large tree branches.

And then we lost power. The majority of the university lost power around 2:00 PM — around which time the university decided to close for the remainder of the day. People generally ran around here like the proverbial chicken sans head. All I know is that it was incredibly messy out there for a while yesterday and the resulting accumulation has made roads and sidewalks very hard to traverse. Especially now that it is -14°C and everything has frozen solid. Lovely.

Written by Colin Bate