Well the day has finally arrived, the third and final movie in the epic Matrix trilogy has finally hit theatres. Matrix Revolutions is actually being released into IMAX theatres in addition to regular theatres because of the incredible success that Matrix Reloaded had with the larger screen format. And well… I don’t blame them, because five of us are going to see it this evening at the IMAX. In fact, there will likely be a line so we should go early - like now. It is also mike’s birthday today so we are using this as an ad hoc birthday celebration. What a great birthday gift to have this movie released. On that note Matrix Reloaded was released on the birthday of another friend back on May 15th. I will be sure to let you all know what I think about the movie afterwards and I promise not to spoil it. But obviously you are all going to see this really soon right? That’s what I thought.

Written by Colin Bate